In shops now

I recently left the city for thirty-two agonizing hours upstate.  In addition to having planted flowers I’ve never heard of, my hosts had also reached a certain level of granola-crunchy-ness that I previously thought to be inconceivable.  They offered me pistachios as a snack when I first arrived.  Though they end in the letters “os,” a snack they are not.  Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, Fritos, deep-fried Mars bars – those, my friends, are snacks.  Between the rye flour in the pancakes and the free-range pork (which means the pig took cello lessons before the slaughter), I was starving.  I was prepared to throw a small child into oncoming traffic for a stick of butter and a Diet Pepsi.  But I digress.  I picked up “RAWvolution” in my neighborhood book shop and nearly walked out without stopping by the register.  This, dear readers, is crazy-free crunchy.  The recipe for No-Bean Hummus initially caught my eye (I heart a good hummus).  Once I crossed the hurdle of where to find tahini in the market (this is America, after all), I was ready to dig in.  These recipes are clean and make perfect summer chums.  Raisins do make a few too many appearances for my taste, but you can always skip that addition.  There are also sample menus and a clever glossary in the rear.  If you’re looking for some crunch (because really, how many Peanut Butter cups can you have in a day?), then check out Matt Amsden’s book here.