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For me, this is one of the top five movies that was released in 2005. I love it. Not only because it’s sleek and stylish and has Natalie in it, but the story is rich and contemporary. It’s an anti-American, anti-Bush, graphic novel adaptation (trust me, watch it again). Although the only thing the public was really shocked by was Portman shaving her head. When movies like this are made, producers usually start thinking about special features before the film is even cast, and V is loaded with them; assuming you purchased the two-disc special edition. It includes a featurette on the design and inspiration of the film, short documentary on the original graphic novels, and even an in-depth history of Guy Fawkes and the 5th of November (which was pretty dry but I try to look interested in such things). “V for Vendetta” has enough style, action, and politics to appease “Matrix” and “Syriana” fans alike. Natalie Portman’s in it too.