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I was very excited to see the DVD release of “Tsotsi” as I had not had a chance to see it in theatres,and knew many people had not heard a lot about it. Well, I have new faith in the Academy as “Tsotsi” walked away with a well-deserved award. I cozied up to the DVD with my father who is an eye candy lover and much for foreign cinema. Well we were both sucked in immediately by the intense introduction of the characters and the music which put my anxiety level to a new high. Tsotsi, which means “thug”is the lead character, played by Presley Chweneyagae who captivates the audience and does an astonishing job of making you hate and love him at the same time. His amazing journey has a beautiful message: sometimes it is our environment that creates our actions and one person’s touch can change a life forever.