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I love the Woody Allen font. You know the one I mean? The one that he always uses for the opening credits…you know it. Anyway, it’s comforting to see that some things never change. Somewhere after “Everyone Says I Love You,” the films seemed to change. There was a patch when it didn’t all gel; not quite as sharp or entertaining as all that came before. With “Scoop,” however, I’m glad to say that it’s the return of classic Woody Allen. He’s in this one alongside Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman and Ian McShane, and he’s brought his neurotic humor to London for a thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious caper. Johansson is a mousy wanna-be journalist from the states, Jackman is an all-too charming aristocrat, and then Allen is…well, himself, and he’s better at it than anybody else out there. There’s mystery and rapid-fire witticisms aplenty to be had here. Enjoy…