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So I’ll admit, I come from the Van Wilder / Old School generation of frat movies. I wish I could watch Bachelor Party and Porky’s with a sense of nostalgia, but it just doesn’t come to me. I would occasionally watch a chunk of the edited versions aired between commercial breaks on Sunday afternoons but I’m usually quick to change the channel when a movie that’s made famous for its raunchy humor, is aired on basic cable. Well the day has arrived: the box set. The great thing about frat movies is that they are timeless. There is just something so appealing about watching guys act like idiots inter-cut with pointless nudity that will always sell movie tickets. But nudity and humor don’t make a classic; it’s the characters. Remember when Jeremy Piven was heavy and Tom Hanks was funny? Usually with comedy, if you find yourself using quotes from a movie in your day-to-day conversation, it’s a hit. This box set, well..”It’s tasteless, disgusting, and offensive. I love it.” – Droz -PCU