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I think we all have a Dupree in our lives. That guy that you love to death but always manages to overstay his welcome. Here he is played by Owen Wilson (who’s also a producer on the film) and he’s crashing with newlyweds in the form of Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon. Michael Douglas is in here, too, as the overbearing father-in-law and corporate mogul. While the premise (as evidenced in the trailer), is mildly amusing, a few thin jokes do not a feature-length comedy make. I thoroughly enjoy all the people here, especially Kate Hudson who plays the heavy in the relationship, and she’s still charming as always. There’s the usual schtick here about how boys will be boys, and then there’s the over-the-top antics of being hit by cars and setting the house on fire. Unfortunately, it feels awfully long for a comedy, and that’s never a good sign.