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When I saw the pilot for this show, I thought it would be cancelled before episode number two. Like the rest of America, I was in love with the concept, just not the execution. Geena Davis starts the series off as a very stoic character. It’s not until you hunker down with these first ten episodes (we’re having cliffhangers on DVD now?!) that you can get properly immersed. The life and death dramas of the White House are the weakest part of the show (let’s leave that to Martin Sheen, shall we?), whereas the family scenario and comedy-of-manners stuff about the first female president have won me over. Love watching the kids deal with drama in high school hallways, and love the Thanksgiving episode when Donald Sutherland says grace and I get misty (the holiday specials always kill me – re-visit “Popular” season one Christmas episode – for real). Totally worth a peek…