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After seeing Superman Returns and getting swept back into that whole world, I decided to take a peek at this new two-hour documentary all about him and the many incarnations. Honestly, I was doing other things while it was on, and didn’t think I’d be getting sucked in. But sucked in I was. Kevin Spacey narrates this wonderful special, which includes clips from all things Superman – the history of the comic books (remember when Superman died?), the television shows like “Lois & Clark” and “Superboy,” and of course the films. There was some major drama around the filming of Superman and Superman II, and of course, who can forget the awkwardly remarkable Supergirl (Faye Dunaway was robbed if you ask me…). Then it’s on to the discovery of Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer’s take on the newest installment. What it all comes down to is the iconic status of one of the world’s favorite heroes, and why he will always endure.